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My Labour Story - Cliff Allen


I am a white, middle class male, from a farming background. I should be a National supporter, but I'm proudly not and here's why.

My mother remarried after my father was killed when I was five years old. My step-father, John, was one of 13 children and his family had a picture of Michael Joseph Savage over the fireplace. Savage was the man who had saved them from disaster in the 1930s with his welfare reforms that ensured John’s family was supported.

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Campaigning in Papatoetoe North


I found myself in Papatoetoe North early Friday morning. It was cold, but the large red bus and the group of Labour activists, centred on Nanaia Mahuta and Arena Williams, warmed things up considerably.

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Campaigning for a better NZ - Mark Byford


I'm eighteen and live in Palmerston North. I've been involved in the Labour Party since I was 14 when Sue Moroney took me along to my first Labour meeting the Tory heartland town of Cambridge.

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David Shearer in Ohariu on Gaza


1pm Tuesday 12 August, in the heart of Peter Dunne territory, the Khandallah Town Hall was full of people coming to hear David Shearer.

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We're Standing in Every Electorate


Here is an interesting fact!

We noticed earlier this week something that most people probably don’t realise.

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Campaign Launch - Tamati Coffey


Call us fresh, call us naive, call us whatever you want, but that morning of the Labour Party launch, you could definitely call us, excited!

It was a 21st-Century-drive, up to Auckland. Most people in the car had smartphones so their heads were down most of the time. There were still fights over control of the music, toilet stops, drink stops and the occassional ' are we there yet?'.

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Putting the rungs back on the ladder – Kelly Ellis


I grew up in Wellington but left there 23 years ago and I have been moving steadily north ever since – I anticipate being in the Cook Islands at this rate. 
Growing up, I spent time in foster care and a children’s home. I was kicked out of school but eventually I went to night school for school certificate and then studied journalism at Wellington Polytechnic.

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A shout out from the campaign launch - Will Matthews


This was my first campaign launch and it was fantastic – there was an incredible atmosphere and so many people.  I met people from all over the country who had come to Auckland for the event including a lot of my Labour friends from Wellington.

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It’s not about who you are standing against – it’s about what you are standing for.


Corie Haddock is “a working class boy from Taranaki”. A former welder, who went on to study mental health at university, he’s a manager with the Lifewise trust, a community organisation which initiates new ways to solve challenging social issues and provides services to families in need, the homeless and disabled people. 

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