New Zealand Labour Party

Brexit vote costs NZ effective EU voice

Despite being extremely close the result of the referendum in Britain reflects the majority voice, Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson David Shearer says.

“While we respect the decision to leave the EU, it goes without saying the move will usher in a massive period of uncertainty in Europe, in the financial markets and in the United Kingdom itself.

“It will create real uncertainty for Kiwis in the UK and EU and our Government must work closely with both to ensure that New Zealanders get the best support possible.

“As the second largest economy in the EU, a member of the Security Council, and as a close ally of the US, Britain’s loss will also be keenly felt across the EU.

 “It was also an effective voice for us and New Zealand will now need to forge a new trade agreement with the UK at the same time making sure our free trade negotiations with Europe remain on track.

“While the process of exiting is likely to take at least two years there will undoubtedly be a lot of soul searching over the coming weeks and months as the decision fully sinks in,” David Shearer said.