Petition: Prioritise the SH76 Brougham Street Safety Upgrade

We are calling on the Government to make the safety of our children a priority and commit to funding the overbridge between Collins Street and Simeon Street that was planned as part of the Brougham Street safety upgrade.

Brougham Street is one of the busiest roads in Christchurch. An average of 45,000 vehicles use this key connection to Christchurch’s Southern Motorway every day. It has long been regarded by many as being dangerous for both pedestrians and traffic.

The Brougham Street (SH76) upgrade was designed with significant community involvement to make it safer and easier for people to take children to school, travel to work or the shops, and deliver goods. 

It should not be a luxury to ask for a safe way for people – including primary school students, older people, and people with disabilities – to get across a major state highway with trucks barrelling down it. But the National Government has made the decision not to fund the overbridge's construction.

Improving Brougham Street will mean everyone can travel along and across the street safely. Freight can get where it’s needed to keep our economy thriving, and people can make travel choices to suit their lifestyle and look after the environment.

Add your name to our petition and help us send a message to the Government that this safety upgrade needs to go ahead as planned.

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Add your name to help us send a message to the Government that the Brougham Street safety upgrade needs to go ahead.