New Zealand Labour Party

Brownlee ignoring EQC allegations

Gerry Brownlee is ignoring serious allegations that builders in Canterbury are being ‘squeezed to do the least work possible’ on repair jobs for EQC, says Labour’s Canterbury spokesperson Megan Woods.

“In August, media reported that builders in Canterbury were being pressured to do as little as possible on repair jobs in Canterbury. It’s a serious allegation, and one Gerry Brownlee should be looking in to.

“But, in a response to a parliamentary question, he admitted he has taken no action to investigate. No briefings requests, no information asked for.

“Cantabrians have already lost confidence in EQC and many are losing confidence in the slow and messy repair programme.

“They have a right to expect that the responsible Minister would ask the necessary questions about allegations like this.

“Instead, Gerry Brownlee seems to be twiddling his thumbs rather than looking for answers.

“Cantabrians need a government that’s fighting for them, pushing to get things done and pushing for good results,” says Megan Woods.

Contact: Megan Woods 021 247 5500