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What they said
: National promised it would not borrow for tax cuts.
What they did: National is borrowing billions of dollars for tax cuts. This will fuel inflation while cost of living is already out of control. 


What they saidNational promised Kiwi families $250 a fortnight in tax cuts.
What they did: Most households will get $60 a fortnight, with those on the lowest incomes receiving the least. 

What they saidNational promised to fund 13 new cancer treatments for patients.
What they did: There was no funding for these treatments in Budget 2024. 



Those who are struggling the most have been left in the cold.

Child poverty is predicted to rise.

Unemployment is rising.

Rents, rates and insurance are all going up.

New Zealand’s debt is skyrocketing to 43% of GDP.

Meanwhile, landlords are being gifted billions in tax cuts



Health and education funding is barely enough to keep the lights on.

Climate funding has been slashed, the climate emergency response fund scrapped.

The First Home Grant is gone.

Half-price public transport has been scrapped. 

Healthy, hot school lunches are now a less nutritious snack.

Universal free prescriptions have been cut.

Matariki funding has been halved.

These cuts go too far, too fast.

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