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Budget 2018: what to expect

This week, the Government will announce its first Budget. On Thursday, you’ll see what's in store for the coming year (and beyond!) as we present our fully-funded plan that'll set a course for New Zealand’s future.

Ahead of Thursday’s announcement, here’s a preview of what Budget 2018 will bring.

What can Kiwis expect?

It won’t be any surprise that a major focus for this Government is rebuilding the public services that people use every day, and that are the foundations of our economy and communities. After nine years of neglect, services like our health system and our schools are in desperate need of investment.

This Government will ensure New Zealand’s vital services can operate at the high standard Kiwis expect. Budget 2018 includes several initiatives to make sure Kiwis have warm and dry homes, well-resourced schools, and safe, modern hospitals.

Investing in critical services while running a surplus

Another important part of this Budget is getting the balance right. We need to ensure our services are properly funded to provide New Zealanders with the support they need and deserve. However, we also owe it to future generations to be fiscally responsible.

With Budget 2018, we’ve committed to a running a surplus. This will help us pay down debt to a manageable level and ensure we have money set aside for a rainy day, such as a major earthquake or another global financial crisis.

We know we can manage the economy well while also investing in health, housing and education.

What have we already announced?

While the majority of our plan will be revealed Budget Day on 17 May, we’ve already announced several initiatives in advance. This includes:

  • A $100 million investment to tackle homelessness and support people in urgent need of housing this winter. Read more.
  • A significant boost in funding for family violence services to keep New Zealanders safe and reduce child poverty. Read more.
  • An increase in international aid, particularly humanitarian aid to support our Pacific neighbours. Read more.
  • A $42 billion investment to rebuild Aotearoa’s critical infrastructure, such as our transport network, schools and hospitals. Read more.
  • An additional $21.5 million for children who need learning and behavioural support before they start school.Read more.

A quick walk-through from the Minister of Finance:


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