New Zealand Labour Party

Budget must deliver on paid parental leave

Budget 2016 must deliver 26 weeks paid parental leave by April 2018 – anything less will be short-changing families, says Labour MP Sue Moroney.

“My Bill which is before Parliament this afternoon has majority support and does just that. I am encouraged by Bill English refusing to rule out extensions to paid parental leave in tomorrow’s budget.

“I’m confident my Bill will pass it’s second reading. National needs to get with the programme and ensure the funding is made available to carry out the will of Parliament.

“The Government needs to stop playing politics with families lives and provide the support they need.

“My Bill proposes an increase to 22 weeks in 2017 and then to 26 weeks in 2018.

“The measure would cost $12 million in Budget 2016 – just 1.27 per cent of the $1 billion additional spending the Government is planning.

“The sooner we get 26 weeks paid parental leave, the sooner we will reap the benefits of children who get the best start in life,” says Sue Moroney