New Zealand Labour Party

Cadbury closure huge blow to Dunedin

News today that Mondelez intends to close Cadbury’s manufacturing plant in Dunedin is a devastating blow for Dunedin, local Labour MPs David Clark and Clare Curran say.

“The loss of 362 jobs is shattering for the people working there and for the city. I have visited the factory many times and appreciated the warm welcome, kind hospitality, and good cheer of the staff,” says David Clark.  

“These people have been proud to work at this iconic Dunedin institution, and proud to supply products for export with a global recognition. My heart goes out to them.”

“These people have expenses to meet and families to feed. It will take time for the news to sink in,” says Clare Curran.

“Closures like this affect whole communities. Employment changes affect mortgages and schooling choices. It is too soon to grasp the flow on effects, but we can be certain this will have a huge impact across Dunedin.”

“In the year that the manufacturing plant continues to run, it’s imperative that central government, civic leaders and the business itself works to ensure all of these workers have the training opportunities they need to find alternative employment,” says David Clark.

“One of the key findings of Labour’s two year-long future of work commission was that the Government must be an active partner in retraining.

“This closure underscores how absolutely essential effective regional development policy is. Earlier this month Labour launched its CODE regional development initiative for Dunedin.  That was warmly received, but it is only the beginning. It is important that Government works with industry to provide job training and transition opportunities to ensure everyone has a shot at well paid secure work.”

“This is shocking news and Labour will be a strong voice for the working people of Cadbury as they face an uncertain future,” say the MPs.