Campaign 2020 Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our campaign survey. We've included below some of the highlights from your responses.


of survey respondents said we ran a really positive campaign! As one of our key priorities for this year, this result means a lot to the team.

Most people

felt the frequency of our email updates during the campaign were about right.

Over 80%

of those surveyed rated our campaign ads either good or very good!


of people said they felt like they were part of a movement.

Nearly 90%

of people felt like our emails kept them updated about our campaign.

The majority

of those surveyed got their campaign updates from emails. The next most popular way was via Jacinda and Labour's social media and then our television ads.

Emails: Jacinda Ardern
Emails: our Campaign Manager
Jacinda's social media
Labour's social media
Our TV ads

The majority of you said you wanted to keep supporting Labour. If you'd like to get involved today, click one of the buttons below.

If you haven't yet taken our campaign survey, you can do so here. Thanks everyone for taking part.