New Zealand Labour Party

Campaign Launch - Tamati Coffey


Call us fresh, call us naive, call us whatever you want, but that morning of the Labour Party launch, you could definitely call us, excited!

It was a 21st-Century-drive, up to Auckland. Most people in the car had smartphones so their heads were down most of the time. There were still fights over control of the music, toilet stops, drink stops and the occassional ' are we there yet?'.

Those mass gathering make me realise that I am totally part of a movement. We ARE the red team. We are part of a team with a long history, with many strong personalities and with a great future. I was proud to bring my volunteers to show them what they are part of. We felt part of a wider family and it takes events like that to affirm it. We sat and listened to DC share our policies and intertwine them all together. It was sensational. We drove back to Rotorua that afternoon with big contented smiles. Happy to be part of the red team who are going in to bat for the ones that really need us.