New Zealand Labour Party

Campaigning can be addictive – George and Sarah


Sarah Coward is just 22 but is already a seasoned campaigner, having worked to support Labor campaigns in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (ACT). 

Sarah is one of the team of Australian Labor activists who volunteered to work on Labour’s campaign. At present she is helping coordinate efforts in Rotorua and Taupo in her first overseas election.

Sarah grew up in regional NSW with a family with a strong commitment to helping communities. Her parents are currently both working in Cambodia. She became involved with Labor while studying at the University of Sydney.

She took a two-year break from her studies to work on campaigns, since when she has worked on many elections, including a year-long campaign for candidate Deborah O’Neill in the 2013 federal elections.

“The great thing about campaigning is that it is a mixture of opportunities,” said Sarah. “For me one of the best aspects is that it can seem so crazy but, at the same time, is very organised. I love meeting people, I love the campaign environment - and I am good at it.”


George Blattman is studying political science at the Australian National University in Canberra. He has also worked extensively in community radio – so brings strong broadcasting skills to a campaign.

“I joined Labor in the middle of the last federal election and just slotted in doing various things,” said George. “I got a lot more experience in the next state election.

“I moved to Canberra to study this year and have spent a lot of time working in Labor’s national office and with local MPs. I’m looking forward to being involved for the next ACT election.

 “I’ve been doing a range of work at Fraser House ranging from stuffing envelopes to writing media releases and going out with the local campaign teams.

“This week, though, I am one of the team on Labour’s campaign bus – which should be another great learning experience.”

The bus is now travelling through the North Island to Auckland with many stops on the way.