New Zealand Labour Party

Cancer patients deserve help, not threats

John Key needs to show some moral leadership and end his Government’s heartless practice of insisting cancer patients look for work, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“It is common-sense that someone battling a disease like cancer shouldn’t have to fill out forms and jump through hoops to explain to WINZ why they aren’t out looking for work.

“Yet under National, cancer patients are forced to prove they are sick, and continue to do so – or face the threat of losing financial support.

“When people are going through the most difficult time of their lives, the Government should be helping them, not badgering them to constantly provide medical certificates to prove they are sick. That is a basic moral principle.

“Anne Tolley has said today the Government couldn’t change the rules for people with cancer in case other groups started wanting ‘special consideration’ as well.

“John Key should be overruling her. She has clearly lost the plot on this issue.

“He should show some moral leadership and compassion. These people deserve the space and time to focus on getting well, not added stress. The Prime Minister should be standing up for people in tough times, not making things worse,” says Andrew Little.