Canterbury faces hostile takeover


The National government’s submission on the proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan seems hell-bent on softening up the people of Christchurch for a hostile takeover under the government’s forced amalgamation agenda, says Labour’s Local Government spokesperson, Su’a William Sio. 

“Despite efforts by the Christchurch City Council to move on outstanding issues using a collaborative approach, it seems National ministers are fixated on preparing the city for a forced merger of the Christchurch region under a super-city structure.

“The government is behaving like a school yard bully, and that’s unacceptable behaviour in this day and age.  

“The people of Christchurch have endured so much with the devastating earthquakes taking lives and destroying homes, and what they need is an empathetic Government who can treat them with dignity and respect. They want an  equal partner in housing and regional economic development. Christchurch does not need a government that is content on yelling abuse from the side-lines.

 “It was the National government that has destroyed a collaborative relationship with the regions by sacking the elected ECan councillors and then failing to reinstate them after promising they would do so in 21011, says Su’a William Sio.

“Now they are going to bully the people of Christchurch into a forced super-city merger by victimising  the current council.”