New Zealand Labour Party

Car rego victims must get a refund

Motorists who have been overcharged for their car registration should get a refund, says Labour’s Transport spokesperson Sue Moroney. 

“Minister Nikki Kaye’s ‘faulty risk’ rating scheme has blown up in her face with over 170 different models of car having to be reclassified.

“An increasingly out of touch Government has seen hundreds of thousands of people being overcharged millions of dollars. 

“Owners of Honda Integras for instance now are collectively owed over $210,000. 

“This crazy policy has seen vehicles that used to be rated the most dangerous now become the safest. 

“The Minister argued when she introduced this measure that it would help people make car purchasing decisions and make informed choices. The tragedy is that some people will have bought ’safe’ cars that will now become high risk on July the 1st

“A refund for all New Zealand’s motorists that have been sold a pup with this rating system is the only answer,” says Sue Moroney.