New Zealand Labour Party

Carmel in Kelston


I’m Carmel Sepuloni and I am the candidate for Kelston.

I was a teenager during the 90’s.  This period really shaped my political views for life.  Both my parents lost jobs.  I still remember the rhetoric of the day – ‘bludgers’.   We lived in a small town of 5000 people and, when the local freezing works closed down, families were hit hard. Getting work was easier said than done and, even if you got work, the wages were ridiculously low.

Perhaps as a consequence - or maybe it was inevitable - my parents separated.  In 1995 my father moved to Australia in search of employment.   After he left I stopped going to school until one day my school Principal asked me to go in and meet with her.  I agreed.

To cut a long story short, this woman believed I had potential.  She knew all I needed was a bit of support.  She asked me to spend the remainder of my 7th form year living with her and her family.  I said yes and, that year, passed my exams.  I then went on to become the first in my family to attend University. 

This story is just one of many that I could rattle off.  There have been times in my life where my family and I have been down on our luck, but individuals who care have made the difference. 

The Labour Party, like the many compassionate New Zealanders I have encountered, understands the valuable contributions different communities and individuals have to make.  The Labour Party is committed to harnessing and investing in this potential and understands that this is not only for the good of individuals but for the good of families, communities and our country.

I am forever grateful to the kindness of that Principal and her husband and the many other people who have made a difference in my life.  My way of making a similar difference in the lives of others is through the political party that has demonstrated, time and time again, that they are the political party that cares for and values ALL New Zealanders – that’s the Labour Party. #forabetternz