New Zealand Labour Party

CERA spends almost $2m on 7000 flights

CERA has spent $1.8 million on 7286 flights from Christchurch to Wellington in three years – a huge waste of money as Cantabrians still wait for solutions, Labour’s EQC spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove says.

“Of course CERA officials do need to travel to Wellington but 200 flights on average a month is an excessive airlines bill for an organisation based entirely in one region.

“Given CERA is in its fourth year surely the smartest thing Gerry Brownlee could have done is move the necessary officials permanently  to Christchurch or employed some of the many skilled Cantabrians to do these jobs rather than flying bureaucrats with their clipboards around the country using up taxpayer dollars. The question is why didn’t he do this?

“CERA is a law unto its own thanks to the attitude of a minister with wartime powers. Gerry Brownlee has already demonstrated his contempt for airline security this week, it appears he also has contempt for the cost of airline bills to the taxpayer,” says Clayton Cosgrove.