New Zealand Labour Party

Chilcot Report shows Labour was right on Iraq

The Chilcot Report released today shows John Key was wrong to call New Zealand “MIA” over the 2003 war in Iraq and Labour made the right decision not to send troops, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“At the time John Key said: ‘Our traditional allies are in this agreement. Where is our name? Missing! It is MIA just like it was during the war in Iraq—missing.’

“Labour stands by its decision not to send our troops to invade Iraq. Then Prime Minister Helen Clark said ‘we did not believe that such a decision would be justified’. The Chilcot report vindicates that view.

“The lesson for us is that going to war should never be a gung-ho decision and should certainly never be made so New Zealand can be ‘in the club’ with its foreign allies.

“National was highly critical of Helen Clark’s decision that New Zealand could not support military action against Iraq without a mandate from the United Nations Security Council.

“The Iraq invasion sparked regional instability and left a power vacuum that has been filled by ISIS,” Andrew Little says.