New Zealand Labour Party

Putting tamariki first

This Sunday is Children’s Day – a time to celebrate our tamariki and reflect on how we can make sure every child gets a great start in life.

We want New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child. That’s why we’re making the changes to help our children now, and to support future generations.


Here are 10 ways we’re helping Kiwi kids:

1. We’re making it easier for children to get the healthcare they need, by extending free GP visits and prescriptions to all under 14-year-olds

2. We’ve set minimum standards for rental properties – because no child should get sick from living in a cold, damp house

  • The standards require insulation up to the Current Building Code standard, as well as a fixed heating source and extractor fans and rangehoods.
  • about 200,000 families currently live in rentals that don’t have ceiling or underfloor insulation
  • 6000 kids are admitted to hospital each year for conditions caused by poor quality housing

3.Through our Families Package, we’re boosting the weekly incomes of more than 384,000 families


4. We’re rebuilding classrooms and investing in education so our children can learn in safe, dry schools

5. We’ve committed to raising tens of thousands of children out of poverty and reducing child poverty rates to historically low levels

  • The families package will reduce the number of children living in poverty by approximately 88,000
  • We passed the Child Poverty reduction Act along with ten-year targets for child poverty rates which will more than halve the child poverty in New Zealand

6. We’ve expanded school-based health services, meaning more children can access care at school

7. We’re overhauling our mental health system, helping children and the families get the support they need, and have launched a free counselling pilot for young people

  • 18-25 year olds in Porirua will be the first to benefit from the programme, called Piki. The pilot will be rolled out in Wellington, the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa by the end of the year. It will help an estimated 10,000 young people with mild to moderate mental health symptoms.

8. We’re investing in extra learning support in classrooms, so children with additional needs can achieve their potential

  • With an additional $284 million investment over four years

9. We’ve introduced the Best Start payment to give parents extra support in their baby’s first year

10. We’re transitioning to a clean, green, carbon-neutral economy, because we want our country to be in great shape for the next generation

  • We’re ending new offshore oil and gas exploration permits
  • We’ve banned microbeads
  • We’ve phased out single use plastic bags
  • We’ve started the Green Investment Fund
  • We’re working hard towards a net-zero carbon emissions economy by 2050.

These are just some of the ways we’re helping our children get the best start in life.

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