New Zealand Labour Party

Chorus slashes spending on copper network

Chorus has slashed spending on the copper network by almost a third, Labour’s ICT spokesperson Clare Curran said today.

“Chorus’s half yearly financial statement out today shows the company will cut spending from $21 million to $15 million on the network, which the vast majority of its customers are on.

“Many of those customers are venting their anger at poor speeds and outages. It’s already a poor service and looks set to get worse.

“At the same time Chorus says prices for copper broadband should go back up to pre-2011 levels. That is totally unjustifiable and would push the cost of the internet up for everyone.

 “The Government needs to demand Chorus ensures a decent standard of service for its customers rather than letting it get away with cutting spending to please its shareholders and cover the holes in its ultra-fast broadband roll-out contract.

“It’s time for the minister to haul in Chorus executives for a ‘please explain’,” says Clare Curran.