Claims of pumping up the volume all noise

New manufacturing figures from Statistics NZ reveal a further decline in New Zealand's export performance, highlighting the Government's ongoing failure to rebalance the economy, Labour's Economic Development spokesperson David Clark says.

"The National Government has adopted a volume-based approach in an attempt to paper over its inability to diversify the economy and improve export growth.

"The value of manufacturing output dropped 1.2 per cent in the last quarter yet the Government is trying to claim a win by saying volume in some sectors is up.

"Claiming volume as a win is like saying possession is more important than points on the board in a game of rugby.

"Kiwis won't wear that.

 “New Zealand as a whole is worse off because this Government is creating headwinds for our exporters.

 "Kiwi business people know that a high exchange rate and a system that rewards housing speculation over productive investment are costing export growth.

“Businesses are doing their best to grow the economy; the Government is doing very little to support them to do that.”