New Zealand Labour Party

Climate change ambassador’s criticism has to be taken seriously

Tim Groser will have to listen to Dr Adrian Macey’s criticism of how the Government calculated its climate change targets if he wants to be taken seriously at the climate change talks in Paris, says Labour’s Climate Change spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Dr Macey’s talk of an ‘information deficit’ is important as he makes the point  we can’t expect other countries to accept our figures if we don’t let them see how we got to our targets.

“While he notes the secrecy around climate change is not driven by Ministers. That’s not good enough – our climate change officials have to come clean on how they arrived at the figures .

“Dr Macey says we should at the very least copy Australia and have much greater transparency.

“Our climate change record is woeful. We have the fifth highest emissions in the  developed world so we have to go to the November talks in Paris with a plan.

“Labour has already said we must have ambitious targets on lowering carbon dioxide emissions from energy use, including transport. We should be at least be comparable to the EU with its overall target of a 40 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030,” says Megan Woods.