Climate change now hurts Kiwis

Kiwis have twice been given timely and grave warnings on how climate change will hit them in their hip pockets this week, says Climate Change spokesperson Megan Woods. 

“The first is the closure of the Sanford mussel plant and the second a gloomy study by New Zealand scientists on how our fishing industry will be affected.

“Scientists have warned that  that cold water species such as ling and hoki may disappear from our waters. That’s terrible news for our fishermen.

 “The simple truth is that climate change will raise the temperatures in Foveaux Strait by up to 2 degrees. 

“Coupled with this is Sanford’s decision to close its Christchurch mussel factory .They blame it on the poor harvest of mussel spat off the North Island, again as a result of rising water temperatures. 

“New Zealand has had a miserable record in controlling carbon emissions. The Government’s own advisors say we are not meeting emission targets and we are not making the transition to a low carbon future fast enough, says Megan Woods.

 “This is not good enough. Ordinary New Zealanders are already suffering and we need action. We must have real targets for carbon emissions and that is what Labour will do.”