New Zealand Labour Party

Collins and English split over police funding

The bloodletting has already begun with splits and divisions emerging after the Police Minister knifed the Finance Minister via the media, says Labour Police spokesman Stuart Nash.

“In an interview Judith Collins reckons her requests for more police are being held up by Finance Minister Bill English.

“In an obvious attack move, Judith Collins stated: ‘I need more police, I absolutely need more police.. and I need them now’ but then she went on to say she had been working on a plan since June.

“In a veiled dig at Bill English’s vacillation, an unfortunate trait he is well-known for, she stated there is ‘engineering and overthinking that can happen when a party has been in government for some time and it’s really important that we just get on with the job.’

“In October when Labour launched a policy for a thousand more police on the streets Collins had the opportunity to share her plan then but did not.

“Labour knows there is an absolute need for more Police because the public and the Police themselves keep telling us and this is backed up by the rising crime statistics.

“The Police Minister has all but admitted she made a mistake when she signed off on the Police four year plan in May which was effectively a funding freeze. No more cops until 2020. Now she expects us to believe she’s been incredibly frustrated by the lack of any clear decision making.

“Safer communities seem further out of reach under this Government now that the leadership battle has turned into a theatre of war with Collins striking the first blow. Expect more blood on the floor, no matter who ends up in charge,” says Stuart Nash.