New Zealand Labour Party

Collins backed Serco circus from the start

Judith Collins created the multi-million dollar mess that is Serco and now she’s coming back for seconds, says Labour’s Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis. 

“Congratulations could be given but let’s be clear about the facts right from the beginning of this private prison fiasco.  Sam was given hard labour with a failing portfolio left by Collins. 

“This is what Collins had to say when she contracted Serco to run our prisons in 2010. 

‘Serco has a strong track record in managing prisons. I'm confident that the company will bring the high standards of professionalism, safety, rehabilitation and security expected by the Government to Mt Eden/ACRP." 

“Collins also said Serco would bring fresh ideas although we now know that Serco has an international reputation for bad management. 

“Collins set the circus scene and Sam failed to perform. He never came to grips with his portfolio and failed to find a solution to the never-ending problems that included fight-clubs, a near-riot, allegations of corruption and a suspicious death. 

“Serco is a wealthy corporate company that brushes off financial penalties for continued problems as revealed in the latest performance report. 

“It is time the Government cancelled the Serco contract immediately,” says Kelvin Davis.