New Zealand Labour Party

Collins can’t back up John Key’s promises

There are more than 500 fewer General Duties Constables on the beat since John Key promised as Leader of the Opposition to have ‘more police on the beat’, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash.


“In 2008 Mr Key told the Police Association ‘we want more police on the beat’ and that ‘we can and we must do better at reducing crime levels and keeping Kiwis safer’.

“Either those statements were simple politicking or Judith Collins has failed to back him up.


“There are now 568 fewer General Duties Constables on the beat since National took office and unresolved crime has soared, with 90% of burglaries now going unsolved. 


“The last Police Association survey also showed 86% of police believe frontline officers are under resourced and 74% of members believe frontline police numbers are too low.


“Judith Collins has had two attempts at being Police Minister and hasn’t turned that around. She has to up her game.

“We need to see is a significant increase in funding for police in the 2016 budget to fund more officers on the ground in order to solve the crimes, catch the bad guys and keep our communities safe,” says Stuart Nash.