New Zealand Labour Party

Collins should put Kiwis’ money where her mouth is

Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash is calling on anyone who has received a speeding ticket for going up to 5km/h over the 100km/hr open road speed limit to write to him and he will take it up on their behalf with Minister of Police Judith Collins who doesn’t agree with ‘arbitrary speed limits’.

“Judith Collins says she doesn’t think people should be ticketed for going up to 5km/h over the speed limit. Her logic is that if drivers drove to the limit it would be unsafe as they would have to ‘constantly watch the speedo’.

“While the Minister’s logic seems rather bizarre, it is in direct contrast to the Police who say a drop in speed of 1km/h results in 4 – 5 per cent less likelihood of fatal crashes.

“The Minister should put Kiwis’ money where her mouth is and waive speeding tickets for those who were caught going between 1km/h and 5km/h over the speed limit.

“I am calling on such people to write to me and I will take it up with the Minister in Parliament. While I can’t promise they will get their money back, Ms Collins can’t have it both ways – marginally going over the limit should either result in a ticket or it shouldn’t. She has to decide and clear it up for confused Kiwis,” says Stuart Nash.