New Zealand Labour Party

Come on John Key: keep your promise

Labour will continue to listen and liaise with the families of the Pike river mine tragedy, says Labour’s MP for West Coast-Tasman Damien O’Connor.

“The families feel the Government has simply stopped listening to them. The Prime Minister promised to deliver on a recovery but that hasn’t happened and now the families just feel totally abandoned.

“The Government is pushing to seal off the drift so the families will never know what really happened. They want the opportunity to search for clues about how the tragedy unfolded and if possible recover remains from the drift.

“A truly independent perspective is required as the Government is making excuses and hiding behind Solid Energy. It’s a Crown company with issues on Crown land so the Government should take more responsibility for the actions at the mine.

“The letter I tabled in Parliament today from the former chief mine’s inspector explains the facts and provides no justification for sealing off the mine. Come on John Key – keep your promise,” says Damien O’Connor.