New Zealand Labour Party

Come on John, leave Kiwi families a real legacy

The best legacy the Prime Minister can leave New Zealand is to give parents an extra eight weeks with their new babies by backing my paid parental leave bill, Labour’s spokesperson for Women Sue Moroney says.

“The Government knows families with new babies need more support. That’s why it has announced two half measures – part of its usual tactic to appear as if it is listening to what the public want. 

“That is why National is gradually extending paid parental leave by four weeks and will give additional support to the parents of premature babies.

“But all parents deserve extra help. The eight additional weeks’ support my Member’s Bill would provide gives parents the chance to spend vital weeks with their babies and the evidence shows that will support important stages of their brain development.

“Between 18 and 26 weeks babies are undergoing huge developments such as beginning to laugh, starting to eat solids and sitting up by themselves. All parents want to be at home to share these milestones.

“With the Greens, New Zealand First and the Maori Party all declaring support for my Bill, all families need is Peter Dunne’s ongoing support and a Government that respects the will of the people and their Parliament.

“Come on John Key, leave Kiwi parents a real legacy – let them spend those precious eight weeks with their babies and back my bill tonight, Sue Moroney says.