New Zealand Labour Party

Communities need their cop shops

A so-called ‘review’ of some of the country’s smaller police stations looks set to kick off another round of closures, Labour’s Police Spokesperson Kelvin Davis says.

“News that the Government is looking at closing some rural stations in the Waikato comes hard on the heels of staff redundancies and closures elsewhere around the country.

“It also comes amid strong rumours that resources are being re-targeted into larger, metropolitan areas such as South Auckland.

“Robbing Peter to pay Paul has never been a winning formula. Police have been warning National for years now that screwing budgets down year after year would backfire.

“Moving resources from one area to another will only create new problems.

“There have been various assurances about these moves being made to ‘enhance police ability’ and provide the ‘best service’, but when there is no staff to provide that service someone has to suffer. In this case it can only be our rural communities,” Kelvin Davis said.