New Zealand Labour Party

Community Safety


We believe police must be properly resourced to achieve their stated objectives and meet our diverse communities’ expectations. Labour recognises that properly resourcing community policing is a major factor to successfully implementing a ‘prevention first’ operational strategy and is vital if the Police is to retain the trust and confidence of the general public.

Labour supports NZ Police’s transformation programme ‘Policing Excellence The Future’, their vision ‘To have the Trust and Confidence of all’ and the Prevention First operating model.

Labour will:

  • Increase the number of sworn police officers by 1,000 over three years
  • Extend Police Safety Orders to a maximum of 10 days unless a Protection Order is applied for
  • Widening the Police’s ability to take action against organised crime activities.

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Family Violence

Labour will:

  • Increase funding for the sector to meet the needs of their clients
  • Increase contracting periods for providers, remove gagging clauses, and remove the requirement to collect individualized data
  • Take a long-term strategic approach to ending violence and invest in early intervention and prevention
  • Support children who witness and experience violence to overcome their trauma
  • Review the family court reforms and support the statutory agencies to meet the objectives for safety in our communities.

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Labour’s vision is of a just society with safe, secure and inclusive communities. A humane and effective justice system – which protects our rights and public safety – is critical to that vision.

Labour takes a prevention-first approach to crime. Labour will tackle the root causes of crime to reduce offending and make our communities safer. Labour’s policies in health, education, social development, housing, police and corrections all reflect that commitment. When crime occurs, the justice system needs to protect the public and victims, and take a long-term focus on reducing re-offending.

Another cornerstone of our approach to justice is our belief that everyone should have access to the justice regardless of their financial means. That principle is under threat from constant erosion by National. Labour will restore and enhance it.

Labour will:

  • Set a target of reducing the number of people in prison by 30% over fifteen years, and undertake our comprehensive plan to reach that target

  • Uphold the right of all New Zealanders to access justice by increasing the income threshold so access to legal aid is available to more people, funding the public defence service and community law centres, and comprehensively reviewing other access to justice issues

  • Review and replace National’s Family Court reforms to ensure a modern and accessible system that resolves disputes fairly and efficiently. 

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