New Zealand Labour Party

Confirmation of no confidence in schools plan

That just 90 of the country’s 2500 schools have signed up to the Government's one-size-fits all performance pay scheme confirms a wide-spread lack of confidence in it, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

“The scheme, which creates ‘executive’ and ‘lead teacher’ roles – positions that will be paid significant bonuses to advise outside of their own schools – was overwhelmingly rejected by primary teachers.

“That mass vote of no confidence shows how out of touch the Government is with the needs of schools.

“The programme is a waste of almost $360 million dollars, money that could be better spent more directly on our kids’ education, on upgrading school buildings, reducing so-called voluntary school fees, or making sure children are properly fed so they can learn well.

“The Government needs to listen to schools and parents and provide real solutions - not bonuses for a select few masquerading as a win for Kiwi kids,” Chris Hipkins said.