New Zealand Labour Party

Court case perfect opportunity for Government to improve gender pay gap

If the Government wants to halt New Zealand’s slump in international rankings on the gender pay gap it should act on the court finding that women deserve equal wages, Labour’s Women’s Affairs spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

“The World Economic Forum’s annual report on the gender pay gap shows New Zealand has dropped in global rankings from seventh last year to 13th this year, behind Nicaragua, Rwanda and the Philippines.

year, behind Nicaragua, Rwanda and the Philippines.

“National needs to do considerably more than just change the Minister’s title if it is to turn around its dismal track record on women’s issues.

“It is clear that gender inequality has got worse under National. This trend that will only continue when next year’s report records the decline in women’s representation in Government following the election at a time when other countries are increasing female representation.

“It is up to the new Minister for Women, Louise Upston, to now urge the Government to set fair pay for those working in female-dominated industries by agreeing on better wages for our rest home workers. 

“If she fails to do so, she will be acting against the interests of thousands of Kiwi women,” Sue Moroney said.