New Zealand Labour Party

Covenant promises new deal for our children

A covenant drawn up by Judge Carolyn Henwood  promises an important new deal for New Zealand’s children, says Labour’s spokesperson for Children Jacinda Ardern. 

“It’s important that this covenant is a pledge to all children in this country.

“The covenant is inclusive and it defines the start in life that all Kiwi kids should have, not just the children the Government labels as vulnerable. 

“It promises that children should be protected from all forms of violence, abuse and neglect and it also says that we should strive to provide a proper standard of living for kids. 

“We have the United Nation’s convention on the rights of the child, but there is nothing in New Zealand that draws a line in the sand and says this is what every child deserves. 

“Its author Judge Henwood knows all too well why this is so important – she has spent years heading the confidential listening and advice service, hearing the stories of children placed in the care of the state. 

“Labour supports the covenant, and would like to see it form the underlying principles that any children’s ministry operates under in the future,” says Jacinda Ardern.