New Zealand Labour Party

Crime continues to rise

Overall crime is up five per cent and the Government just doesn’t seem to care, says Labour’s Police Spokesperson Stuart Nash.


“The latest crime statistics show some staggering results throughout the country while the Minister continues to play down rising crime and ignoring the pressures this is placing on our Police.

“It appears Minister Collins is losing her grip on her portfolio as her reaction in Parliament to the increased meth use questions was nothing but patronising and weak.

“The new results are stunning. Assault crime is up a shocking nine percent including a 27 percent spike in Auckland’s Counties Manukau district.

“Sexual assaults have increased throughout the country by a horrible 4 percent with a 21 percent increase in Auckland.

“Robbery and related offences have risen 18 percent including a 41 percent rise in Canterbury and a massive 64 percent rise in Tasman.

“Burglary is up 18 percent including a 38 percent rise in Tasman and a 31 percent rise in the Eastern District.

“The fact the Minister continues to downplay crime shows she’s not across her portfolio which is about keeping our people safe.

“The Minister must also admit she made a mistake when she signed off on the Police’s four year strategy which froze police numbers.

“Labour is committed to making our communities safer by providing a thousand more police in our first term,” says Stuart Nash.