New Zealand Labour Party

Crime states paint a dismal picture

The crime statistics released today paint a picture of crime on the increase as Judith Collin’s promise of more front line cops fails to materialise, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash

“There were over 9500 more burglaries, almost 4,000 more assaults, and nearly 500 more robberies over the last year.  That’s a 15% increase in burglaries, an 8.5% increase in assaults and 15% increase in robberies. Overall, there has been a 4.8% increase in total crime. The only number that isn’t increasing is the amount of front line police officers on the beat.

“At a time when the Police Workplace survey states that over 55% of all police think that their work-related stress is unacceptably high and almost 60% state that they don’t believe the police are delivering on the promises they make to the public, there is only one answer to the ever-increasing rates of crime: more police.  Now.

“Looking at these statistics, it’s hard to believe that only 6 months ago the Minister signed off on the Police’s 2016 – 2020 Four Year plan that stated there would be no increase in police numbers over this period but that ‘Police’s strategic direction will require Police to continue looking for opportunities to re-balance the workforce’.

“The Minister and the Prime Minister at least now admit that we need more police, but so far nothing but words.  A Labour government would prioritise more front line cops so people can feel safe in their community,” said Stuart Nash.