New Zealand Labour Party

Defamation settlement embarrassing for Key

John Key’s out-of-court settlement with photographer Bradley Ambrose is incredibly embarrassing and he should have the decency to apologise, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.


“Night after night John Key smeared Bradley Ambrose on television in the middle of a high-profile political campaign. By taking the purely political decision to attack an innocent New Zealand taxpayer he made it difficult for Mr Ambrose to get work.

“For the Prime Minister of the country to attack the professional reputation of a freelance reporter is inexcusable. To be forced to settle a defamation case on the matter is embarrassing and demeans the office of Prime Minister.


“New Zealanders need to know he has learned the lesson that an attack from him on a New Zealander can cause serious harm to that person’s career. It’s simply not on.


“John Key should do the decent thing and apologise to both Bradley Ambrose and the New Zealand taxpayers who have been left having to foot the bill. If anyone can afford to pay for a ‘small cash settlement’ it’s John Key,” Andrew Little says.