New Zealand Labour Party

Democracy for Canterbury after CERA

The transition model for Canterbury’s post-CERA structures has been welcomed by Labour’s Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Spokesperson, Ruth Dyson. 

“Today’s announcement heralds a return of decision making roles to the community. Agencies will have to work in a strong partnership with central government to make this transition successful.

“Everyone wants it to work so Canterbury is able to deliver on the big challenges ahead. This plan provides the much needed certainty which local and international investors have been calling for, and will give them the confidence to look at the region as a place to invest in and to do business. 

“The legislation will provide us with the opportunity to hear the views of Canterbury people. Labour will be listening to those views carefully during the select committee process.  

“However the special powers that the government proposes to continue to hold must be used sparingly and only specifically for the purpose that they are granted.  They cannot be a means of shortcutting legitimate process. 

“The Government must ensure that there is adequate time for submissions and deliberation on this crucial stage of our regeneration. It is time to build a sense of unity and hope for the future,” Ruth Dyson said.