New Zealand Labour Party

Digital plan to unlock Dunedin’s potential

Labour will ensure all New Zealand’s regions have a chance to thrive, beginning with the establishment of a new Centre of Digital Excellence to be based in Dunedin, says Labour Leader Andrew Little.

“Labour stands for unlocking the potential in all of our regions, with all New Zealanders, and it begins in Dunedin with this exciting development.

“The Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) builds on Dunedin’s strengths as a centre of knowledge, innovation and expertise in the new economy.

“Dunedin has a solid foundation of talent in the gaming and digital sector. We intend capitalising further on that by establishing a Chair of Computer Gaming at Otago University, setting up a gaming incubator with a motion capture studio and providing a funding pool to attract talent to the city through partnerships with the industry and education providers.

“The potential is huge for Dunedin, and great for New Zealand as a whole – and yet very affordable. We’ll provide $10 million over ten years, coming from our $200 million Regional Development Fund, which we’ve announced previously.

“CODE is the first of a series of initiatives Labour will announce this year to grow our regional economies, to further develop the skills and expertise of local people, and to breathe life into the many parts of New Zealand that have been neglected by the current Government.

“This fund will support regions to do what they know how to do best. It builds on existing regional strengths and puts locals in the driving seat of their own economic futures.

“For too long, the National Government’s top-down economic planning has seen capital and jobs move north at the expense of the regions. We need economic diversity, and input from all New Zealanders. Strong regions will help build the resilient economy we need to face future challenges and opportunities,” says Andrew Little.

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