New Zealand Labour Party

Disillusioned digital divide

The Ministry of Education boss Peter Hughes seems to be under some kind of illusion if he holds the view that “all students have access to a digital device”, says Labour’s Associate Education spokesperson Jenny Salesa.

“Peter Hughes today made the statement before the Education and Science Select Committee so I invited him to South Auckland where schools don’t have money to provide technical gadgets.

“The reality, especially in South Auckland, is that parents are getting into debt due to the growing demand for their kids to have these modern tools.

“If the Government is serious about the role and evolution of digital devices and technology then they need to invest in it. It is simply not fair for parents to stump up for the devices and the software that comes with it, as well as ongoing costs of fees and donations, uniforms and stationary.

 "The digital divide is really hard on the people of South Auckland and the Ministry’s disillusioned view will certainly not fix the problem, says Jenny Salesa.