New Zealand Labour Party

Does Judith Collins have a get out of jail card?

Former justice minister Judith Collins appears to have been gifted a get out of jail free card based on the Prime Minister’s answers in Parliament today, Labour’s Acting Deputy Leader Annette King says.

“Judith Collins claimed in an Official Information Act response to Labour in July that she had received no phone calls, text messages, emails or correspondence from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater in her ministerial capacity.

“Now that John Key has said he is not acting in his capacity as prime minister when he speaks to Cameron Slater, surely Judith Collins will be able to use the same excuse for passing information to the blogger regarding former Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley?

“This obfuscation sets a new low even for this Government just two weeks into its third term.

“If the Prime Minister doesn’t have to account for his actions, Judith Collins will undoubtedly question why she does,” Annette King says.