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Doing better for New Zealanders

We can and must do better for middle New Zealanders.

While recent years have seen wages generally grow for those at the top and bottom, we know middle New Zealand has been feeling the squeeze. Rising costs, particularly in housing, have meant a whole portion of Kiwis have been losing out.

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What the Budget means for you

Last week, we announced our Budget for the coming year – and beyond.

We’re setting a course for the future – and we want you to know exactly what this future will look like. However, amid all the fanfare, media coverage, and political jargon, it can be hard to know how to make sense of it all!

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Budget 2018: what to expect

This week, the Government will announce its first Budget. On Thursday, you’ll see what's in store for the coming year (and beyond!) as we present our fully-funded plan that'll set a course for New Zealand’s future.

Ahead of Thursday’s announcement, here’s a preview of what Budget 2018 will bring.

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Six months in!

It’s been six months since our Government took office – an incredibly busy six months! We’re proud of what we’ve achieved since October, ticking off everything in our 100 day plan and more, from introducing the Families Package to raising the minimum wage.

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100 days. Here's what we've done.

On Thursday 26 October, our Government took office. Since then we’ve got a whole lot of stuff done – in fact, we’ve ticked off everything that was in our 100 day plan. And this is just the beginning! We’ve got a whole lot more planned.

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National’s economy scorecard: D for drift

New Zealand’s economy is failing the very people it is supposed to uplift, characterised by stalled productivity, exports going backwards and a Government content to let it drift, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.

“Voters have a clear choice in this election. Three more years of drift under National while more Kiwis miss out on the economic opportunities they deserve, or an energetic Labour Government determined to ensure shared prosperity for all.

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Freight being shifted off planes as fuel crisis worsens

Export freight is being shifted off flights because of the Government’s failure to manage the risk of disruption to jet fuel supplies, says Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson Stuart Nash.

“It has been revealed to Labour that non-perishable export freight is being removed from flights to lighten the load because of the jet fuel crisis, and workers are turning up to work at Auckland Airport and finding their shifts cancelled.

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Prime Minister’s Award to encourage young people into trades training

Labour will introduce a $2,000 award for the best pupil in vocational courses in each public secondary school, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.

“We know there’s huge demand for trades workers, particularly in the building sector, where construction is now going into reverse due, in part, to a lack of workers.

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We can – and must – do better for Kiwi jobs

Labour has the plan to get more young New Zealanders into jobs and tackle concerns raised in the latest statistics which show an extra 3000 young Kiwis are neither earning or learning compared to the same time last year, says Labour’s Employment spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“New Zealanders agree that we must provide better employment and training opportunities for young Kiwis, and the latest Household Labour Force Survey shows we have a challenge ahead of us.

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