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Government’s Tax Law undermines common law principles

A tax amendment being snuck in under the radar allows changes to tax issues to be driven through by the Government without Parliamentary scrutiny, says Labour’s Revenue spokesman Stuart Nash.

“The amendment allows any part of the Tax Administration Act to be changed by Order in Council. In layman terms, the Government can change tax law without any consultation or without going through the parliamentary process.

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Work visas issued for jobs workless Kiwis want

Thousands of work visas for low-skilled jobs were issued by the Government in the past year despite tens of thousands of unemployed Kiwis looking for work in those exact occupations, Labour’s Immigration spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says.

“A comparison of the Household Labour Force Survey and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment immigration statistics shows the Government approved work visas for 6,500 labourers despite there being 15,600 unemployed labourers here in New Zealand.

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Minister must support KiwiSavers against defaulting employers

The Government must do more to chase employers who haven’t paid $28 million of their workers KiwiSaver contributions, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

“In the past year more than 12,000 employers haven’t paid their workers’ contributions, up from 2000 last year.

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Flippant foreign trust response damaging to NZ

The Prime Minister’s flippant response to concerns New Zealand is a tax haven continues to damage our international reputation with the European Union now investigating foreign trust laws here, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“John Key can insist all he likes that we are not a tax haven but the prominent part New Zealand played in the Panama Papers has left a lasting impression on other countries including the EU.

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National’s cuts shave $100K off KiwiSaver by retirement

New analysis shows National’s constant cuts to KiwiSaver will reduce the average worker’s retirement savings by $100,000 over their working life, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“The former Labour Government launched KiwiSaver nine years ago today to boost the country’s savings and ensure all New Zealanders have a nest egg in their retirement.

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15 corrupt bank managers identified in student fraud

New information show 15 bank managers in India have been identified by Immigration New Zealand as presenting fraudulent documents on behalf of foreign students studying here, Labour’s Immigration spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says.

“Documents obtained by Labour under the Official Information Act show bank managers doctored genuine information which was then used by education agents to prove students had the funds to pay for their New Zealand tuition (see INZ No Surprises Factsheet attached).

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Government must refund overcharged motorists

Labour is calling on the Government to refund motor registration fees to three-quarters of a million Kiwi motorists whose vehicles were wrongly classified under National’s shambolic ACC motor vehicle risk rating system, Labour’s ACC spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

“Minister Kaye’s ridiculous assertion that 774,565 vehicles had to have their risk rating reclassified because of one years’ worth of crash data and new vehicles coming on market is obviously wrong.

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90-day work trials an unfair failure which must change

A new Treasury report shows the Government’s 90-day trials haven’t helped businesses and are inherently unfair, Labour’s Workplace Relations spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says.

“The Motu report found that 90-day trial periods had no impact on overall employment and did not result in more young people, beneficiaries, Maori or Pasifika being given jobs as National promised.

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Labour Bill would back Kiwi jobs

The Government’s $40 billion of buying power would go towards backing Kiwi businesses and jobs under a Labour Member’s Bill which will be debated by Parliament, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“My Bill – which was pulled from the ballot today – will require the government of the day to take into account the number of jobs created in New Zealand when spending the $40 billion budgeted for Crown procurement every year.

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