New Zealand Labour Party

Education chickens come home to roost

 Rather than address critical teacher shortages the National Government have made them worse by cutting one of the few programmes that aims to recruit people to the profession, Labour's Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

"Since they took office, National has stripped over $6 million out of the Teach NZ programme, which aims to ensure an adequate supply of teachers in schools and early childhood services.

"The Teach NZ budget is now about half what it was when National took office. They stripped out the cash thinking only of the short-term and not planning for the future. 

“To make matters worse two positions were cut from the Teach NZ team in Auckland in 2014.

"News that schools in Auckland are facing a teacher supply crisis comes as no surprise. National has ignored looming teacher shortages the entire time they've been in government. Their chickens are coming home to roost. 

“The Government’s spending on teacher recruitment is simply too little too late.

"Quality teaching is the most critical component of a quality education. National has ignored the need to recruit and retain excellent new teachers for too long.

"The next Labour Government will implement a comprehensive teacher recruitment, development and retention programme. It's long overdue," Chris Hipkins says.