New Zealand Labour Party

Education for all – including ‘waitresses’

John Key needs to tell waitresses why they aren’t part of his ambitions for New Zealand, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“This morning John Key said waitresses would pay for Labour’s policy for three years’ free post school education.

“In reality waitresses – and indeed waiters – will be among the big winners in our Working Futures Plan.

“It is low-wage workers who are turned off training and study because of the mountain of debt they will come out with.

“Like many workers, waitresses face uncertainty because of the changing nature of work. Many will want and need to retrain.

“For years the Prime Minister has been telling us he is ‘ambitious for New Zealand’. Waitresses should be part of that.

“Labour’s Working Futures Plan will provide opportunities for children from struggling families, will help people train and adapt to changing work, will reduce student debt and will provide the skilled workforce that employers are demanding.

“A more educated workforce creates a stronger economy, and that’s good for everyone,” Andrew Little says.