Whangārei Survey – Terms of participation

Thank you very much for your interest in our Electorate Survey

This Survey is a space for you, to share your views with your MP, Emily Henderson, so she can better represent you in Parliament.

It is also a space for engagement. We want to hear from you: your reactions, opinions and visions of what Whangārei, and New Zealand is, can and should be. We would like this page to reflect the diversity of opinion that exists in society today.

To ensure this is a safe place for you to engage, we reserve the right to remove comments that breach the following guidelines.

We ask that as a participant in this survey you:

  • Are a constituent of the Whangārei Electorate.
  • Do not use obscene, offensive or abusive language.
  • Do not post comments that are defamatory or derogatory in nature.
  • Do not post comments that are discriminatory, racist or intended to incite hatred towards another person or group of people.
  • Do not post comments that aim to spread misinformation.
  • Do not bully or harass other people.
  • Do not post links to offensive, unsavoury or illegal content.
  • Refrain from spamming the survey, including repeatedly posting incongruous or off-topic comments.
  • Do not engage in unsolicited advertising or self-promotion.
  • Keep conversations constructive and civil, and be respectful of one another at all times.
  • Be respectful of the survey administrators. It is their job to keep the survey safe and constructive so that everybody gets to have their fair say.

Names that appear to be fake will be removed from the survey.

Comments that breach the law in any way will be deleted. This may include comments that:

  • Are defamatory towards a person or organisation
  • Breach copyright
  • Breach a court injunction, or contain information/prejudice on current court proceedings

Additionally any content that threatens harm to another person or group of people will be reported to the police.

While we are very happy to have the opportunity to host your views and provide a space for interaction and discussion, breaking these community guidelines may result in your views in the survey being deleted. We simply ask that you treat us, and each other, with kindness and respect.

We reserve the right to remove results from the survey that do not abide by our community guidelines.

If you are unhappy with the moderation of this survey, or have any concerns, you can contact us at [email protected]