English fails the character test over Barclay

Bill English is hoping this scandal will go away, but he is still dodging important questions over his role in covering up for Todd Barclay, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“Throughout this whole affair, Bill English has failed to be upfront with the public. He misled the public for months, both as Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister. That’s a failure of leadership.

“In Parliament today, Bill English failed to honestly address questions over his actions. He tried to hide behind technicalities rather than front up with the answers Kiwis deserve to know. He suffered more of the convenient memory lapses his predecessor was so well-known for.

“Bill English must still explain why he covered up for Barclay, why he misled the public about his involvement in the affair, and why he tried to have his Police statement suppressed.

“This is a matter of integrity and credibility. Bill English has failed to show leadership, and he’s still failing to answer important questions.

“Bill English has shot his credibility to pieces with his evasive answers to straight questions. This whole shoddy affair has all the hallmarks of a tired and arrogant Government.

“A Prime Minister must be able to show moral leadership and a vision for our country which we can all be proud of. Bill English has failed that character test. After nine years, it’s time for a fresh approach and an honest, credible Government,” says Andrew Little.