New Zealand Labour Party

English finally admits unemployment fall ‘unlikely’

Bill English has finally admitted that his Budget projection of unemployment falling below five per cent ‘now looks unlikely’, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

“In seven years of Government – including a so-called Rock Star phase – National has never got unemployment far below six per cent.  In Parliament today, Bill English admitted it’s now clear that for the near future joblessness will get worse, not better.

“This is a serious indictment on National’s economic management. In their Budget propaganda “A Plan That’s Working” they claimed unemployment would drop below 5 per cent. Sadly, their plan simply isn’t working.

“Alarm bells are ringing but Bill English has his fingers stuck in his ears.

“Plunging dairy prices, exports falling, regional economies already going into recession and a housing market that threatens financial stability require action from this Government. It’s a long list but ministers seem incapable of action.

“Any responsible government must have lowering unemployment as one its most pressing task.  For National it is just another broken promise,” Grant Robertson says.