New Zealand Labour Party

Epsom's Opportunity


On doorstep after doorstep, Epsom voters are telling me and my team they want to be able to vote for their local representative on their own terms. They've have had enough of shabby political deals being done here.

 Just this weekend, a woman I met while out door knocking said to me that she's "sick of being messed around" by National and Act and their deals.

I couldn't agree more. John Key might be trying to gift the seat to Act but I think Epsom voters are smarter than that. Now, they've got an opportunity to reject those kinds of political deals and make their own choices instead.

I'm standing for election because I believe that Epsom deserves better than ACT. I think voters here know that too. Over the next eight weeks I’ll be working to share Labour’s positive vision and to encourage local people to stand up for Epsom and their own democratic choice.

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