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I am committed to not only seeing the continuation of our strong left-wing government but also to uplift the voices, values, concerns and successes of our community into the political space.

Being given the opportunity to be the Labour candidate for Whangaparāoa is a great honour. I have cared deeply about the wellbeing of our community for a long time.

If I had a magic wand: I would make Civics a compulsory subject in schools and provide information about our political systems as a part of the introduction for new immigrants so that everyone is equipped with the information they need to use their voice in the country they call home.

About me: I am a true Whangaparāoa local and have been heavily involved in the community since my schooling. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Victoria University, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and Level 6 Māori language certificate with Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae. Through my small business, I work with several community and environmental organisations doing research, and planning community engagement and business strategies as well as sitting on the Herenga Waka o Orewa marae committee and being involved in other community projects.

Being of both pākehā / Norwegian heritage and Catalan heritage, I understand the value of cultural diversity and aim to be multicultural and multilingual. Raised by my Catalan mother, a teacher in Whangaparāoa and my kiwi father, a now engineer who grew up delivering fliers for the Labour Party every election year with their family in Te Atatu, I understand the importance of politics very well.

What I stand for: I have been a strong advocate for increasing youth voter turn out over the past three elections, talking to students and creating online resources to help mobilise young people to learn about politics and to get out and vote. In school I was having conversations with peers about employment, work, how tax works, the impact of student loans, access to good housing in different cities, climate change, women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights just to name a few. Young people care about political issues but many do not know how to interact or engage with politics.

I will also continue to champion climate change mitigation and support for conservation efforts at a local and national scale, support for schools, a proactive approach to safe and inclusive communities, affordable housing and fair pay, just to name a few.