Extra holiday offers time to reflect

The Mondayisation of Anzac Day provides New Zealanders with an opportunity to spend more time with their families and their communities, Dunedin North Labour MP David Clark says.

“This is the first time legislation I introduced, to have Anzac and Waitangi days that fall on weekends transferred to the closest Monday, will have an impact.  

“It means people will have more time to spend with family and friends and enjoy the freedoms the ANZACs fought for.

“Both days form an important part of our history and identity as a nation. It is right that we now choose to give their commemorations the full recognition given to other public holidays.

“People are more likely to get up for dawn services when they know they can have a lie-in and time with the family on the Monday that follows.

“The new law gives every New Zealander a full set of public holidays every year, rather than just five years out of seven,” David Clark says.